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Closing the Loop with Digital Transformation

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Author: Chip Bremer At Tuesday’s Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) Technical Session “Digitalization Deployed: Case Studies,” Emerson Automation Solutions’ Chief Technology Officer Peter Zornio provided insight on how digital transformation can “close the loop” in areas such as energy optimization, reliability and safety in the oil and gas industry. In his presentation, Zornio examined the benefits […]

Industrial Energy Efficiencies on the Path to Decarbonization

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Decarbonization is a hot topic at this year’s CERAWeek. In a panel, Industrial Energy Efficiencies: The path to decarbonization, Emerson’s Peter Zornio shared the role that technology can play in this initiative. Peter pointed out that new sensors have become available that can measure for more than control. Some examples included steam trap monitors, relief […]

Edge and Cloud Computing Podcast

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Control and Control Design magazine have a podcast series, Control Amplified, featuring thought leaders in the world of process control and automation. In their most recent podcast, Computing at the Edge, Executive Editor Jim Montague interview’s Emerson Chief Technology Officer, Peter Zornio, about the edge of process automation and control systems and how it’s changed […]

Connecting Experts from Afar for Oil and Gas Producers

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Here at the 50th annual Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas, Emerson chief technology officer Peter Zornio joined a technical session on Digitalization in offshore and onshore oil & gas production. Peter talked about how traditional control room has greatly expanded geographically using Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies and more secure communications. IIoT is […]

Optimizing Oil and Gas Production Operations via Field Intelligence

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While the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are all the rage these days, the sensors monitoring industrial processes have long had microprocessors to report more than what they are supposed to sense—such as pressure transmitters measuring pressure. Through digital communications, they also communicate their configuration and current settings, diagnostics, […]