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Temperature Measurement Diagnostics

Posted in Temperature on Tuesday, July 15th, 2014. One comment so far
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Let’s continue the Temperature Insights video series with a closer look at diagnostics from these measurement devices. This 4-minute YouTube video, Temperature Insights – Benefits of Diagnostics Brief Video highlights the diagnostics that monitor the sensor measurement signal for a variety of conditions, identify troubled installations or damaged sensors, and provides the information to help […]

Temperature Measurement Sensor Wire Considerations

Posted in Temperature on Tuesday, July 8th, 2014. One comment so far
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Let’s continue our series of educational temperature measurement videos with a look at sensor wires. In this 3:32 YouTube video, Avoiding Long Sensor Lines, Emerson’s team managing the Rosemount Temperature products and services illustrates the relationship between sensor wire length and measurement accuracy. The video also highlights some factors to consider when deciding to use […]

Temperature Measurement Accuracy and Reliability Educational Video

Posted in Temperature on Wednesday, June 25th, 2014. No comments yet
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In last week’s post, RTD or Thermocouple for Temperature Measurement?, we shared the first of several education videos on temperature measurement. Emerson’s team who manages the Rosemount Temperature products and services developed these videos. Here’s a link to the complete set of videos. In today’s post, I’ll highlight the 4:17 YouTube video, Temperature Insights – […]

Temperature Measurement System Accuracy and Reliability

Posted in Temperature on Wednesday, February 5th, 2014. 2 comments so far
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Of all the process variables measured by process manufacturers, temperature is the one most widely measured. Inaccurate or unreliable temperature measurement can impact process efficiency, energy consumption, product quality, and potentially process safety. Emerson’s David Anderson authored a Control Engineering magazine article, Keys to achieving high accuracy and reliability in temperature measurement. He stresses that […]

Temperature Diagnostics for Improved Refinery Operations

Posted in Temperature on Tuesday, November 19th, 2013. No comments yet
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I highlighted some of the challenges North American refiners face in an earlier post with tight oil from shale formations. Emerson’s Michelle Weimert has Hydrocarbon Processing article, Leverage diagnostics to keep production running smoothly, which looks at the role of temperature measurement diagnostics can play in reliable refinery operations. The article opens: The continuing trend […]