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Considerations in Temperature Measurement Selection

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When it comes to measuring temperature, there are a multitude of ways to do this. Do-it-yourselfers might use simple RTD or thermocouple sensors right into a microcontroller and display to provide basic temperature readings for their grills and BBQ pits. Or they could buy a ready-made transmitter and software to send the readings to their […]

Questions about RTDs or Thermocouples for Temperature Measurement?

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In an earlier post, RTD or Thermocouple for Temperature Measurement?, we shared an educational video and recap on some of the selection requirements to help you select the right temperature sensor. The video and the Engineer’s Guide to Industrial Temperature Measurement may have prompted some questions you have for your specific temperature measurement application. If […]

Temperature Measurement Diagnostics

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Let’s continue the Temperature Insights video series with a closer look at diagnostics from these measurement devices. This 4-minute YouTube video, Temperature Insights – Benefits of Diagnostics Brief Video highlights the diagnostics that monitor the sensor measurement signal for a variety of conditions, identify troubled installations or damaged sensors, and provides the information to help […]

Temperature Measurement Sensor Wire Considerations

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Let’s continue our series of educational temperature measurement videos with a look at sensor wires. In this 3:32 YouTube video, Avoiding Long Sensor Lines, Emerson’s team managing the Rosemount Temperature products and services illustrates the relationship between sensor wire length and measurement accuracy. The video also highlights some factors to consider when deciding to use […]

How to Choose the Right Thermowell

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Let’s continue our series of posts on the educational temperature measurement videos from Emerson’s team managing the Rosemount brand of products and services. You can find the complete set of videos on the Temperature Insights page. Thermowells shield thermocouples and RTD sensors from direct contact with the process. This 4:30 YouTube video, Thermowell Selection, highlights […]