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Multiphase Flow Measurement for Oil and Gas Well Pads

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In oil and gas production well pads and offshore platforms, separators perform the work of breaking out the oil, gas and water into separate component streams. Test separators have historically taken flows from individual wells, known as well tests, to determine the percentages of these components on a periodic basis. These components are then returned […]

Ways to Reduce Oil and Gas Lease Operating Expenses

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For onshore oil & gas producers, squeezing every expense possible from the production and custody transfer process means the difference between flowing and shutting in the wells. In an RBN Energy post, LOE-Down – Understanding Lease Operating Expenses And How They Drive Production, they examine lease operating expenses (LOEs): …the costs incurred by an operator […]

Reducing Unaccounted Oil and Gas Production Uncertainty

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Author: Michael Machuca Management of well pad inventory, allocation and custody transfers encompasses multiple operations that contribute to overall production management uncertainty. The accumulated measurement errors and variability in operations within a storage system can quickly add up to a significant level of uncertainty. Higher levels of uncertainty reduce the prospect for timely insight into […]

Optimizing Well Pad Production and Storage

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Where new production was once the major focus, optimizing existing oil & gas well pads and production facilities is now high on the priority list to reduce operating costs. In an American Oil & Gas Reporter article, Production Optimization: ‘Systems’ Approach Optimizes Pad Production And Storage Operations, Emerson’s Michael Machuca describes the importance of taking […]

Maximizing Production through Optimized Gas Lifting

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The vast majority of oil wells require some type of artificial lift method to bring the wellbore fluids to the surface. Four major lift methods include: Electric submersible pump (ESP) Gas lift Hydraulic pump (piston and jet pump) Beam pump Gas lift works by injecting gas into the well tubing through gas lift valves in […]