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Understanding Servers, Converters and Gateways

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As instrumentation and control system, also known as Operational Technology (OT) incorporate wireless and other classic Informational Technology (IT) components, the worlds of OT and IT continue to merge. For control and automation specialists, it means things like servers, converters and gateways become part of the learning path. Emerson’s Craig Abbott had a great LinkedIn […]

Optimizing Storage Terminal Operations

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Across the upstream and downstream oil & gas supply chain, storage terminals play a vital role. Efficiently managing many operations including product transfers, blend operations, fiscal measurements and inventories can mean the difference in profitability & loss. In an Tank Storage magazine article, Enhancing Terminal Business Performance, Emerson’s Aaron Boettcher, describes the role of terminal […]

Renewable Energy Powering Gas Wells and Pipelines

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At the Emerson Exchange conference in Austin, an oil and gas producer shared a story of automating natural gas wells and pipelines with renewable power sources. The presenter opened describing some of the choices for renewable energy including solar panels and wind turbines. Based the latitude of the production fields, there was barely enough sunlight […]

Reducing Unaccounted Oil and Gas Production Uncertainty

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Author: Michael Machuca Management of well pad inventory, allocation and custody transfers encompasses multiple operations that contribute to overall production management uncertainty. The accumulated measurement errors and variability in operations within a storage system can quickly add up to a significant level of uncertainty. Higher levels of uncertainty reduce the prospect for timely insight into […]

Improving Gas Well Economics via Casing Flow Management

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According the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the U.S. remains the largest oil & gas producer: [tweet ] Shale oil and gas production has significantly helped secure this leadership position since 2012. The downside of shale oil & gas production are the rapid decline rates for the producing wells. In a World Oil article, […]