Turbine Generator and Steam Header Control

While at Emerson Exchange Düsseldorf a few weeks ago, I “live blogged” many of the presentations, including Power and Utility Saves Fuel and Reduces Energy. I asked Emerson’s Scott Pettigrew, a Sr. Energy Consultant on the Industrial Energy industry team if he had any more background on this project that I could share with you. He noted:

Emerson’s Barbara Hamilton recently completed startup activities on two turbine generators at a UK-based steel producer. The effort included commissioning interfaces from the Woodward turbine control system to the DeltaV control system and commissioning the control algorithms in the DeltaV system. The Woodward system is used to provide the high-speed trip functions and DeltaV is used to perform the analog control.

Industrial Energy Steam Header applicationDesigning the control strategy in this manner allow the project team to provide additional control capability that did not previously exist. For example, these two turbines can now provide secondary header pressure control if the primary control device fails. This also entailed commissioning a portion of the SmartProcess Steam Header controls as well. Barbara was able to bump test the header pressure loops using the Entech Toolkit to capture the process dynamics and tune these extremely tricky loops.

Barbara also provided SmartProcess support for the converted boilers at site. Now that the steel producer had historical data that the project team could learn from, Barbara was able to use that data to improve the boiler control and operation. She worked with the operators as well to enhance the control system operator interface to better fit with their preferred modes and styles of operation.

The industrial energy team has an “Ask an expert” email link where you can ask questions about your applications, or you can connect with them in the Industrial Energy track in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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