Solving Power Quality Reliability Problems

by | Oct 13, 2015 | Event, Industrial Energy & Onsite Utilities, Industrial IoT, Industry

Emerson’s Tinh Phan teamed with Peter Pan from Emerson Climate Technologies on an Emerson Exchange presentation, WirelessHART Power Metering Solving Power Quality Reliability Problems. Their abstract:

Having power issues on your critical assets? Emerson robust wired power monitoring capabilities, developed a Power Monitoring wireless device with over 100 plus power parameters to choose from. Monitoring energy usage and power quality in real time, which provides the granularity needed to maximize equipment availability. It is seamlessly integrated into a more holistic DeltaV DCS. In addition, AMS Device Manager Alerts capability warns against abnormal asset power behavior in real time so you can make better informed, actionable decisions while providing easy configuration and startup.

Tinh opened describing how wireless power monitoring expands pervasive sensing and condition monitoring capabilities. Many problems affecting process manufacturers are interrelated reliability, unplanned shutdowns, financial performance, and energy efficiency to name a few. A big problem with energy efficiency-related initiatives is a lack of measurements to identify and improve current performance.

It’s important to establish a baseline for energy usage including steam, electricity, fresh water, air, process water, etc. It is also important to know how much is being bought, made, and used by each of the areas and processes. The goal of these baseline measurements is to compare against benchmarks: usage per ton/unit of product in industry, other sites or similar processes and the validation of process equipment performance to specifications.

Tinh highlighted how different users have different needs:

Wireless power meters can help measure electrical assets to get a picture of current performance, enable effective response and be a measurement piece in the improvement process. The 56WM WirelessHART power meter monitors energy consumption and health status of electrically powered equipment in real time.

It provides continuous monitoring of energy data at submeter levels to help ensure power quality, avoid downtime, increase efficiency and revenue-grade accuracy.

For users with DeltaV distributed control systems and AMS Equipment Health Monitoring software, the power meter is integrated for real-time maintenance predictive maintenance (PdM). It reports alerts via DeltaV, AMS and Energy Advisor applications.

This integrated sensing and display solution measures electric power consumption at the equipment level and helps to manage energy targets with real-time information on electricity consumption.

Tinh showed examples of data from the power meter in Energy Advisor

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