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How Digital Transformation Can Impact Compliance for Environmental and Safety Regulation

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Emerson’s Marcelo Carugo and Marcio Donnangelo teamed with 4C’s Steve Probst to share ways that companies can improve safety & environmental regulation compliance performance in their digital transformation initiatives. Their presentation focused on an overview of how Digital Transformation is eliminating layers of complexity to bring pre–interpreted field data directly to those who need to […]

Digital Transformation in Health, Safety & Environment

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4C CEO Steve Probst kicked off the 4C HSE conference here in Austin, Texas with a look at how digital transformation initiatives are having an impact of driving health, safety and environmental improvements. Downstream hydrocarbon processors are driven to be among the top quartile of their peers to drive business performance. Here’s a portion of […]

Podcast: Operational Analytics with Manasi Menon

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Emerson’s Manasi Menon joins Jim Cahill in this 23-minute operational analytics podcast to discuss how organizations are putting these analytics into action to help improve performance in safety, reliability, energy & emissions, and production.

Modern Process Control Imperative for Digitalization

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For chemical manufacturers, what business performance improvements are possible by executing a digitalization strategy? In a Chemical Engineering article, Digitalization Founded in Modern Process Control Strengthens Chemical Operations, Emerson’s John Dolenc shares the technology components in executing this strategy. John opens describing the performance improvement opportunities, such as: …improvements in throughput, product quality and reduced […]

Podcast: Driving Reliability Digital Transformations

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Emerson’s Kendall Beushausen follows up his 5 Questions for Operational Certainty Consultant Kendall Beushausen podcast with this in-depth FIRSTHAND: Operational Certainty in Pod podcast. Kendall describes how the Internet of Things is all around us in our personal lives and how it is being applied in the manufacturing industries to improve business performance in many […]