Balancing Natural Gas and Renewable Sources of Power Generation

Emerson's Bob Yeager on Renewable Energy at CERAWeek 2019Renewable sources of energy continue to grow as a percentage of energy provided to electrical power grids. In a CERAWeek 2019 panel, Renewables & Gas Integration: Is there an efficient frontier?, Emerson’s Bob Yeager shared his perspectives on the role of technology and automation in managing this energy mix.

Panel moderator, IHS Markit’s Tim Gardner open by showing some statistics on how the incremental costs of adding renewable sources of energy grows rapidly as more carbon-based sources of power generation are reduced. One panelist noted that this frontier between natural gas generation sources and renewable sources is very market specific and not common across all regions.

One way to address the increasing renewable energy percentage is to invest in energy storage technologies including batteries, thermal storage, and other forms based on what’s available in the range. Decarbonization is also occurring by replacing coal with natural gas fuel for electrical generation. Continue Reading

Industrial Energy Efficiencies on the Path to Decarbonization

Decarbonization is a hot topic at this year’s CERAWeek. In a panel, Industrial Energy Efficiencies: The path to decarbonization, Emerson’s Peter Zornio shared the role that technology can play in this initiative.

Emerson's Peter Zornio on Decarbonization at CERAWeek 2017

Peter pointed out that new sensors have become available that can measure for more than control. Some examples included steam trap monitors, relief valve monitors, and resource efficiency metrics. When these sensors combined with analytics, provide early indicators when energy consumption is not optimum, or a problem is impending. Continue Reading

Digital Twin Technology in Upstream Oil and Gas

Digital Twin technology is used in production processes to provide comparisons between actual and ideal as well as provide a safe environment for upskilling and innovating. It can be used by energy producers even in subsurface oil & gas exploration and production.

Emerson's Indy Chakrabarty on Digital Twins at CERAWeek 2019In a CERAWeek 2019 panel session, Emerson’s Indy Chakrabarti joined a panel session, Transforming the Upstream Business through Digital Twins. The panelists were each asked, “What is a digital twin?” Indy responded with an analogy of the twin children he has. He has a model for how they should behave. They don’t necessarily always behave to fit the model. The difference is what is worked on to improve behavior. Continue Reading

Energy Infrastructure and Cybersecurity

It’s hard to talk about digital transformation without talking about cybersecurity. At CERAWeek 2019, Emerson’s Michael Lester joined a panel, Energy Infrastructure: How vulnerable to cyber attack?

Emerson's Michael Lester on Cybersecurity at CERAWeek 2019

The panel opened with each panelist describing what got them into cybersecurity. Mike noted that the failure of the North East power grid that led to the NERC CIP standards that are still developing today. Another example was what happened in Ukraine where the cyber attackers to over the controls of critical infrastructure at power plants. Continue Reading

New Models for Energy Resource Efficiency

Decarbonization vs. Profit: Eliminating the Rivalry with Exergy is the session at CERAWeek 2019 presented by Emerson’s Ana Gonzalez Hernandez.

Emerson's Ana Gonzalez Hernandez on Resource Efficiency at CERAWeek 2019

Ana opened her presentation defining resource efficiency being the goal to reduce the use of energy and materials to produce a given product or service. Continue Reading