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Managing Pressure and Flow Loops on Acid Gas Absorber

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At the request of a reader who commented on the last post, here is another of the 11 examples that Emerson’s Mark Coughran shared in his Emerson Exchange Denver presentation, Solving Pressure Control Loop Problems in Hydrocarbon Processing Plants. The commenter wrote: Could you please write up a post about Acid Gas Removal Unit, Absorber […]

Solving Pressure Control Loop Problems

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It was great having the weekend to rest and recover from a breathless pace at last week’s Emerson Exchange conference. There were so many workshops to see, but with more than 350 from which to choose, I couldn’t make them all. Over the next several weeks, I’ll recap some of the ones I missed. Let’s […]

Answers to Your Process Control and Optimization Questions from the Experts

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Friday is fast approaching, so submit your questions on process control and optimization to the panel of end user and Emerson experts. Visit the Emerson Exchange 365 community, Virtual Q&A: Process Control >> REPLY to THIS POST w/ QUESTIONS. I will be asking your question to the panel and posting the response. The Experts panelists […]

Solving Reactor Temperature Control Challenges

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Some of my favorite posts are ones that come out of a string of problem-solving email messages. And so it is with today’s post. Emerson’s Mark Coughran was recently at biopharmaceutical facility that was having temperature control issues on a reactor vessel. The temperature process variable was overshooting far past the setpoint with the control […]

Your Opportunity to Ask those Tough Process Control Questions

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One of the great things social networks have opened up is the ability to you to view into events without being there. Where it’s an announcement of a new product from Apple or an event like our Emerson Exchange conferences, you can follow the action through various mediums including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. For […]