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IIoT-Based Condition Monitoring

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Justifying projects to improve reliable operations can be difficult. Projects driving increased revenue are often prioritized over those that reduce costs. In a Chemical Processing article, Build An Effective Condition-Monitoring Program, Emerson’s Shane Hale shares his thoughts on the economics of increased reliability, where to look for improvements, specifics on how to apply Industrial Internet […]

IIoT for Equipment Condition Monitoring.

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Even back when I was a young engineer in the 1980s, we had condition monitoring solutions for our large turbine generators and compressors on the offshore oil & gas production platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. Condition monitoring technology has advanced greatly since then. Now, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)-based sensors can feed much of […]

Maximizing Plant Asset Performance

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In the face of scarce capital for manufacturers and producers across many industries, optimizing the performance of existing assets often increases in priority. In an ARC Advisory Group whitepaper, Driving Maximum Asset Capability (summary), author Dick Hill notes: In today’s highly competitive global manufacturing environment, it is essential that all opportunities to invest capital be […]

Driving Maintenance Workflows with Condition Monitoring

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At the Emerson Exchange conference in Austin, Emerson’s Will Goetz presented, Best Practices for Using Condition Monitoring to Drive Maintenance Workflows. His abstract: A well designed condition monitoring system can find the early warning signs of failures but what happens next is equally important. This session will explore real world failures to develop the best […]

Condition Monitoring and Workflow Best Practices

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This year’s Emerson Exchange conference for the Americas will take place on my home turf of Austin, Texas during the week of October 24 through 28. Registration is open and you can save $400 through the end of August on the registration fee. Knowing that getting approval to attend can be a challenge for some, […]