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Enterprise Asset Management Economic Study

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At the Emerson Exchange Brussels conference, Danny Vandeput presented An Economic Study in Enterprise Asset Management. His abstract: Complex process plant operations often make it difficult to make timely and informed decisions about plant management and maintenance strategies. Emerson services are designed to ensure maximum potential benefit is achieved from automation and monitoring solutions. This […]

Sense More and Solve More with Pervasive Sensing

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Author: Danny Vandeput Let’s face it, the world has changed in a dramatic way. 10 years ago, people barely knew what “The Cloud” was (except for looking up in the sky and trying to imagine of seeing a sheep, a horse or something else exotic). Today many of us have their documents, pictures, videos up […]

Energy Optimization and Wireless Steam Traps

Posted in Industrial Energy & Onsite Utilities, Industrial IoT on Monday, December 9th, 2013. 3 comments so far
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Many process manufacturing, oil & gas processing, and other industrial processes were designed in an era of inexpensive energy. This has not been the case for many years now. Emerson’s Danny Vandeput has written a South African Instrument and Control article, Control the cost of energy, to highlight how technology is helping to address these […]

Energy Efficiency Webinar Tomorrow

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Update: See the recorded version of the Energy Efficiency webinar. I saw a tweet from Emerson’s Nick Taylor of a webinar tomorrow, Energy Efficiency Management – Reducing Energy losses does not always require big investments. Nick will be co-presenting with Emerson’s Danny Vandeput, who leads the IEC 62591 wireless efforts for Europe and the CIS […]

Cooling Tower Wireless Condition Monitoring Webinar

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In a recent Automation World column, The Future is Attainable with Today’s Automation, Emerson Process Management’s former president, John Berra, noted: The number one issue in process plants is the disruptive cost of an unplanned shutdown. And the number one cause of unplanned shutdowns is rotating equipment. Amazingly, most compressors and pumps are not monitored. […]