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Improved Performance through Digitalization for Downstream Producers

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At the 2019 Asian Downstream Summit in a PTQ / DigitalRefining publication, Emerson’s Jonas Berge offered his thoughts in an article, How digitalisation is transforming downstream operations. He opened highlighting some of the challenges for refiners, chemical & petrochemical producers.

Improving Valve Maintenance and Planning with RFID Technology

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A University of Arizona publication, A Brief History of RFID, traces the history of radio-frequency identification technology back to a Russian physicist in the 1940s and commercial applications began to appear in the 1960s. By the 1980s and 1990s the technology became commonplace in applications such as transportation systems, animal tracking and business applications such […]

Digital Tools for Digital Transformation Initiatives

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In a Hydrocarbon Processing article, Digital: How digital tools improve access to device information, Emerson’s Adam Thompson highlights some ways that companies are advancing their digital transformation initiatives.

With the growing shortage of skilled workers as more retirements occur, Adam notes…

Pressure Relief Valve Continuous Monitoring

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Marcio Donnangelo and Marcelo Dultra presented on continuous pressure relief valve (PRV) and rupture disk (RD) monitoring for releases and leaks at the 4C Health, Safety & Environmental conference. Marcelo described a PRV. They are mechanical devices, disconnected from the control system that operate when a set pressure is exceeded. They should never operate in […]

Modern Process Control Imperative for Digitalization

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For chemical manufacturers, what business performance improvements are possible by executing a digitalization strategy? In a Chemical Engineering article, Digitalization Founded in Modern Process Control Strengthens Chemical Operations, Emerson’s John Dolenc shares the technology components in executing this strategy. John opens describing the performance improvement opportunities, such as: …improvements in throughput, product quality and reduced […]