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Reflections on Digital Transformation

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I’ve been giving thought to everything I heard this week at the 2019 ARC Industry Forum now that I’m back in Austin. I think what stands out the most is how to prioritize steps on a digital transformation journey. I captured it in this tweet: Advice for #DigitalTransformation at #ARCForum: anchor yourself with value to […]

Start with What You Want to Accomplish

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At the 2019 ARC Industry Forum, Praxair’s Larry Megan shared their digital transformation journey. Based on all the hype, he jokingly wanted to call his presentation: Larry opened sharing how unique it is to everyone. It starts with what you’re trying to accomplish—what’s your business objectives? It’s important not to get hung up on the […]

Continuously Improving Energy Efficiency and Loss Control

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Manufacturers and producers can take steps in their digital transformation journeys to improve energy efficiency and reduce unaccounted for losses. In a comment to an earlier post, Jonas Berge highlighted 7 ways: Steam trap failure detection Relief valve seat passing detection Relief valve release detection Heat Exchanger fouling detection Cooling Tower fan speed optimization Air-Cooled […]

Augmented Reality-Based Remote Valve Assistance

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The phrase digital transformation can conjure up an image of massive changes over a short timeframe. But the reality is that we’ve been undergoing a digital transformation in our personal lives for decades. Things like remote control devices, wireless communications, access to information, etc. have all grown in scope and ease of access. Little changes […]

IIoT and Device-Level Network Design

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Wireless instrumentation has been available for manufacturers for more than a decade. Sensors have expanded beyond traditional measurements such as pressure, temperature, level and flow to measurements such as acoustic, vibration, conductivity and more. These easily installed Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)-based field devices make more than monitoring and control possible—they make real-time personnel safety, […]