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Flame and Gas Detection in Layers of Protection

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For manufacturing processes with hazardous substances that are combustible or can cause harm to people and property, flame and gas detection systems are often used as part of the risk mitigation strategy. This 11-minute video, Rosemount Flame and Gas Layers of Protection describes how these sensors are used in layers of protection for the process […]

Reducing Project Execution Risks for Complex Analytical Systems

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Real-time analyzers play an important role in many process manufacturing operations. Some examples include natural gas custody transfer, combustion efficiency monitoring, combustion emissions component analysis, flowing fluid compositional analysis and more. Not only is the selection of the right analyzer for the right application important, but so is how it is installed and managed to […]

Fixed Gas and Flame Detection Best Practices

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At the Emerson Exchange conference in Austin, Emerson’s Sean McLeskey presented Fixed Gas and Flame Detection Best Practices. His abstract: Many industrial processes involve dangerous gases and vapors: flammable, toxic, or both. With the different sensing technologies available, and the wide range of industrial applications that exist, selecting the best sensor and locating them properly […]

Flame Detection and Minimizing False Alarms

Posted in Safety, Safety Monitoring on Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013. One comment so far
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Process manufacturers with hazardous areas in their process are responsible for the safety of the process through the IEC 61511 safety lifecycle—from initial design through decommissioning. Flame monitoring is often an important component in risk mitigation. Emerson’s Jonathan Saint wrote a Petroleum Review article, Minimising false alarms, to address this major challenge with flame detection […]

Avoiding Flameout and Shutdown in Burner Management Applications

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Furnaces, fired heaters, boilers and other process units requiring burners to manage are common across many process industries such as refining, chemicals, petrochemicals, and power. Recognizing and reacting to flame instability is critical since a flameout condition is dangerous and often results in a costly shutdown initiated by the burner management system. Emerson’s John Miller, […]