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Business Results Optimizing Delayed Coker Operations

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Update: Thank you to CHS’ Eric Wheatcroft and the Emerson Exchange Board for the OK to share this presentation with everyone. You’ll find much more to the story, such as all the controlled, manipulated, constraint and disturbance variables that were included in the model predictive controller. In an earlier post, Optimizing Delayed Coker Operations with […]

Improving Regulatory Control Performance

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One of the presenters I really enjoy listening to at Emerson Exchange conferences is Emerson’s James Beall. As a process control consultant, he helps process manufacturers and producers get their processes running as optimally as possible. He always shares his tips and tricks from understanding the dynamics of a process to how to get the […]

Improving Measurement and Final Control in Refinery Blending

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As global refiners strive to meet ever-tightening regulations, the performance of measurement and final control devices can have a big impact in meeting this challenge. The third Refinery Blending Series webinar recording, Improving measurement and control in blending operations Improving measurement and control in blending operations is now available. Emerson’s Julie Valentine and John Ward […]

Shrinking the Distance between Expertise Seeker and Expert

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My operating premise for why social networks and online communities are so important for process manufacturers and producers is the complexity of the engineering profession in these industries. Former Emerson Process Management president John Berra said it best in an Automation World column: Our work demands the broadest skill set of any engineering discipline—it requires […]