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Production Accounting and Mass Balance Performance Management

Posted in Event, Flow, Measurement Instrumentation on Thursday, February 13th, 2020. No comments yet
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Reliable, accurate flow measurements are at the heart of excellence in production accounting and mass balances for chemical and hydrocarbon processing facilities. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are only as good as the data that feeds them. Next Tuesday, February 18 at 2pm CST (UTC -6), Emerson’s Julie Valentine will join Pimsoft’s Sigmafine meter performance management […]

Improving Loss Control through Refinery Mass Balance

Posted in Downstream Hydrocarbons, Measurement Instrumentation on Tuesday, October 15th, 2019. No comments yet
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On behalf of a South American refining professional, Emerson’s Julie Valentine presented a case study, Impact of Refinery Mass Balance and Loss Control on Operational Excellence, at the 2019 AFPM Operations & Process Technology Summit. Here’s the abstract from this presentation: Improving a refinery’s mass balance and loss control program for accounting, planning and scheduling, […]

Ethylene Process Loss Reduction and Energy Efficiency Improvement

Posted in Chemical, Industrial Energy & Onsite Utilities on Monday, November 30th, 2009. No comments yet
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Reconciling Mass and Energy Balances in an Ethylene Complex is the name of a presentation recently given by Emerson’s Patrick Truesdale. The venue was the 2009 AIChE annual meeting in Nashville, Tennessee. Patrick is a senior consultant on the Industry Solutions team and has a wealth of experience in the refining and petrochemical industries. Reconciling […]

Flow Measurement Accuracy Impact on Profitability

Posted in Measurement Instrumentation on Wednesday, January 7th, 2009. No comments yet
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A common theme found in my 2008-blog posts was energy efficiency. Given the state of the global economy, 2009 posts will likely have a common theme on ways to improve profitability through cost savings and productivity increases. Just before the holidays, my email spy service found a new flow measurement paper written by Emerson’s Bert […]