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Triple Offset Valves and Molecular Sieve Adsorption Applications

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Adsorption, different from absorption, is the process of the: …adhesion of atoms, ions or molecules from a gas, liquid or dissolved solid to a surface.[1] In process manufacturing operations, adsorption is sometimes used in dehydration or purification processes. In the oil & gas industry, this method is used to dehydrate and remove contaminants from natural […]

Reliable Switching Valves for Ethylene Production Molecular Sieve Applications

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For a valve, zero leakage is defined as no visible leakage when tested at high pressure with water and low pressure with air according to existing international standards. Some of these seat leakage standards for control and isolation valves include ANSI/FCI 70-2/IEC 60534-4, API 598, MSS SP-61 and ISO 5208. ANSI/FCI 70-2 and IEC 60534-4. […]

Avoiding Shutdowns with Accurate Level Measurement

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For plants and mills that use steam in the production process, measuring the steam condensate level accurately can be the difference between operating reliably and fighting unplanned shutdowns. So was the case for a U.S. ethanol producer, Absolute Energy, as told in a story by’s Automation magazine. The story, Technology resolves costly shutdowns at […]