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Sensors and Analytics for Reliable and Efficient Electrical Generation

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In a Power magazine article, New Monitoring and Analytics Tools Improve Plant Performance, Emerson’s Brian Joe and Juan Panama describe how Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies help electrical generating plants increase reliability and overall efficiency.

Improved Performance through Digitalization for Downstream Producers

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At the 2019 Asian Downstream Summit in a PTQ / DigitalRefining publication, Emerson’s Jonas Berge offered his thoughts in an article, How digitalisation is transforming downstream operations. He opened highlighting some of the challenges for refiners, chemical & petrochemical producers.

Reducing Excess Energy Costs and Streamlining Maintenance Practices

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Steam traps are automatic valves that require ongoing maintenance. Failed steam traps represent a source of energy waste, resulting in poor steam quality as well as increased fuel consumption and emissions. Continuous monitoring can address these issues.

Safety Shower and Location Awareness Wireless Monitoring

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In an earlier post, How Digital Transformation Can Impact Compliance for Environmental and Safety Regulation, I shared some safety examples. Emerson’s Marcio Donnangelo explored specific examples more deeply in his 2020 4C HSE conference presentation, Safety Showers and Location Awareness – Improving Safety with Wireless Monitoring. Marcio opened describing three ways to help create a […]

Helping Hands for Your Valves

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Imagine you have been tweaking and tuning one of your control loops and have the perfect PID [proportional-integral-derivative] settings. Everything is working great for several months until it isn’t. Chances are that it’s the part of that loop doing all the manual work to keep the process running smoothly—the control valve. A poorly performing control […]