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Reflections on Digital Transformation

Posted in Support Services on Friday, February 8th, 2019. No comments yet
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I’ve been giving thought to everything I heard this week at the 2019 ARC Industry Forum now that I’m back in Austin. I think what stands out the most is how to prioritize steps on a digital transformation journey. I captured it in this tweet: Advice for #DigitalTransformation at #ARCForum: anchor yourself with value to […]

Operator Training Systems Yet More

Posted in Operator Training on Thursday, February 7th, 2019. No comments yet
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Operator Training by Doing was a session at the 2019 ARC Industry Forum. Here was the session’s abstract: Operator training continues to be very important as the millennial generation assumes operational responsibility for industrial manufacturing. Industry has learned that training by doing is highly effective and different simulation technologies can allow operators to practice doing […]

Integrated versus Separate Control and Safety

Posted in Safety on Wednesday, February 6th, 2019. No comments yet
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Panelists at a session at the 2019 ARC Industry Forum, Safety Systems: Integrated versus Not? Does It Really Matter?, set out to discuss the pros and cons of the approaches and how they accommodate different risk factors. ARC Advisory Group’s Mark Sen Gupta moderated this panel which included executives from Air Products & Chemicals, Dow […]

Predictive Analytics and Governance

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One year ago, Emerson and AspenTech announced an alliance, “to help customers tackle complex problems, optimize operations, and achieve Top Quartile performance.” At the 2019 ARC Industry Forum in Orlando I attended an AspenTech session, Digital Acceleration – Achieving New Levels of Operational Excellence. AspenTech’s Robert Golightly opened highlighting the role of technology in improving […]

Start with What You Want to Accomplish

Posted in Industrial IOT on Tuesday, February 5th, 2019. No comments yet
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At the 2019 ARC Industry Forum, Praxair’s Larry Megan shared their digital transformation journey. Based on all the hype, he jokingly wanted to call his presentation: Larry opened sharing how unique it is to everyone. It starts with what you’re trying to accomplish—what’s your business objectives? It’s important not to get hung up on the […]