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Podcast: Driving Reliability Digital Transformations

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Emerson’s Kendall Beushausen follows up his 5 Questions for Operational Certainty Consultant Kendall Beushausen podcast with this in-depth FIRSTHAND: Operational Certainty in Pod podcast. Kendall describes how the Internet of Things is all around us in our personal lives and how it is being applied in the manufacturing industries to improve business performance in many […]

More Than Historical Data in Digital Transformation

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Jonas notes that from a process automation standpoint, you cannot become predictive with historical data alone. You cannot get real-time dashboards with historical data. You need real-time data which comes from sensors.

Industry 4.0-Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast

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In this quick 3:22 YouTube video, Industrial Automation Asia Interview with Mr Jonas Berge, Emerson, Jonas notes that many manufacturers do not want to extend their digital transformation or Industry 4.0 initiatives beyond the boundaries of their production facilities to reduce cybersecurity concerns.

Principles-Driven and Data-Driven Operational Analytics

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Manufacturers & producers are addressing industry challenges using technology and digitization. With initiatives such as Digital Transformation & Industry 4.0, they are changing manual practices and moving towards automatic, digital, and data-driven ways of working. I caught up with Emerson’s Manasi Menon on the role analytics plays in digital transformation initiatives. These businesses want to […]

Scalable Approaches to Refinery Digitalization

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Refineries are not the first to jump on new technology trends given their need for stable and predictable operations for such a complex process. But as technology continues to advance, scalable ways to try, prove and grow solutions that create value are possible. In a Hydrocarbon Processing article, An evolving approach to digitalization, Emerson’s Tonya […]