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Keeping Control Systems Current for Secure and Reliable Operation

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As commercially available off-the-shelf operating systems and hardware came on the scene for control systems, they brought with them rapid performance improvements that translated into increase functionality and ease of use. They also brought with them the need to provide ongoing software and hardware updates to remain secure, reliable and available. In a Maintenance Technology […]

Maintaining Secure and Reliable Control System Performance

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Control systems are the heart of manufacturing and production processes. Keeping them operating at peak efficiency while also keeping them secure requires time, energy and focus. Automation suppliers can play a large role in these efforts. News came out today of Guardian Support improvements and simplifications in how DeltaV distributed control system users can better […]

Looking Beyond Total Cost of Ownership to Return on Investment

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Automation fundamentally impacts the costs and returns on a production process. When evaluating capital investments for instrumentation and automation, many manufacturers and producers look beyond the initial purchase, installation and commissioning costs to assess the costs throughout the lifecycle of this investment. While this total cost of ownership (TCO) approach improves upon initial purchase costs, […]

Reliability Consulting and Lifecycle Services

Posted in Emerson Exchange, Reliability, Support Services on Monday, October 24th, 2016. No comments yet
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At the Emerson Exchange conference in Austin, Emerson’s Sean Sims and Will Goetz teamed up to give an update on the reliability consulting process and the host of lifecycle services to improve operational performance for process manufacturers and producers. Sean opened describing the see-decide-act and how today’s Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) follow this model. […]

How to Form a Cybersecurity Strategy to Protect Your Investments

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Author: Jocelyn Sexton Without fail, cybersecurity continues to make headlines. News about data breaches, password protection, identify theft, hacks and viruses are so prevalent, it’s easy to feel security fatigue. It can also seem overwhelming to stand vigilant for cyber threats at all times. Have you made the appropriate software updates? Do you adhere to […]