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Shifting Toward Real-Time Predictive Manufacturing

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Last week we shared a post about the COP24 conference and the need for more sustainable manufacturing. Emerson’s Chris Hamlin also attended this conference held in Poland in early December. In an Energetyka 24 video interview, Chris explained how we are now undergoing a huge, transformative shift where data and information are available almost anywhere […]

Driving More Sustainable Manufacturing

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The 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP24) was held in Katowice, Poland, December 2-14. For many years, manufacturers have been on a path to drive more sustainable operations in reducing emissions and energy usage. As automation technology advances, it plays an increasing role as a strategic […]

Path to Resource Efficiency and Sustainability

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In this 18-minute podcast, Emerson’s Ana Gonzalez Hernandez and Chris Hamlin describe how research into manufacturing resource efficiency is translating into better solutions for optimizing material usage, reducing energy consumption, and operating more sustainably. The Operational Certainty consulting team can help your organization plan and execute a path to more efficient and sustainable manufacturing. Transcript

5 Questions for Resource Efficiency Consultant Ana Gonzalez Hernandez

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Emerson’s Ana Gonzalez Hernandez joins our continuing podcast series, 5 questions for an Emerson Expert. Ana received her PhD from the University of Cambridge and is a resource efficiency consultant within the Operational Certainty consulting team. We’ll have an in-depth podcast in the coming weeks on how the Operational Certainty consultants are applying Ana’s research […]

Quantifying the Resource Efficiency of the Global Steel Sector: Why is Our Metric Better?

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Author: Ana Gonzalez Hernandez In my last post, I introduced Emerson’s new resource efficiency approach. With it, Emerson proposes a new way of thinking about resource efficiency. One that encapsulates many aspects of modern industry solutions: we leverage the value residing in available metered data, communicate key knowledge through powerful digital visuals, and do so […]