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Selecting the Right Flowmeter

Posted in Flow on Thursday, October 4th, 2018. No comments yet
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Selecting the right flowmeter is an expert panel session at the 2018 Emerson Exchange conference. The panel included Emerson’s Trever Ball, Karl Stappert, Dan Hackett, Jeff Foster, and Steve Ifft. Types of flow measurement devices in the panel discussion include magnetic flowmeters, Coriolis, Ultrasonic, Vortex, Turbine and differential pressure (DP) flow. Trever described how magnetic […]

Vortex Flow Meters in Safety Instrumented Functions

Posted in Flow, Safety on Wednesday, December 20th, 2017. No comments yet
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Safety instrumented systems provide a layer of protection beyond the control system to safely shutdown the process during abnormal situations. A safety instrumented function (SIF) or “safety loop” includes the sensing device, logic solver and final control element to perform safety function upon demand. Flow measurement devices are often the sensing devices in these SIFs. […]

Vortex Flow Meter Principles of Operation

Posted in Education, Flow on Friday, January 20th, 2017. No comments yet
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In yesterday’s post, we looked at three different flow measurement technologies used in fiscal metering applications—differential pressure (DP), Coriolis, and Ultrasonic. Today let’s look at flow measurement with vortex flow meters. There is a new, very educational video on the Rosemount YouTube channel, Introduction to Vortex Flow Meter Technology. This 4:49 video explains the basic […]

Vortex Flow Measurement for Gas, Liquid and Steam Applications

Posted in Flow on Tuesday, August 19th, 2014. 2 comments so far
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When it comes to measuring flow, you have many choices among technologies. For gas, liquid, and steam flow metering applications, vortex technology is an option. If you’re unfamiliar with how Vortex flow meters work, Wikipedia describes it: Another method of flow measurement involves placing a bluff body (called a shedder bar) in the path of […]

Vortex Flow Measurement in Severe Service Applications

Posted in Flow, Technologies on Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013. 2 comments so far
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I had a chance to catch up with Emerson’s Kei Cheung at the recent Emerson Exchange conference. She showed me a demonstration of a Rosemount 8800 Severe Service Vortex Sensor. This technology recently won Flow Control magazine’s Flow Control Innovation Award. About the technology, the editors wrote: …uses premium nickel alloy material. The non-wetted severe […]