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Find and Deeply Protect the Red Buttons

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At the ARC Industry Forum, the keynote sessions started the day. Their focus: Industrial companies are revisiting their business processes and technology approaches as competitors and partners start to employ ‘digitalized’ business processes and exploit the increasing convergence between operational technology (OT), engineering technology (ET), and information technology (IT) on the plant floor. Trusted technology […]

Cybersecurity Frameworks and Updates

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I’m in Orlando this week for the annual ARC Industry Forum. A large focus of today’s sessions is on Cybersecurity. The session, Cybersecurity – NIST and Automation Federation Updates on ICS Cybersecurity shared the current state of cybersecurity developments in the U.S. The panel opened with an overview of the NIST cybersecurity framework. The framework […]

How to Form a Cybersecurity Strategy to Protect Your Investments

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Author: Jocelyn Sexton Without fail, cybersecurity continues to make headlines. News about data breaches, password protection, identify theft, hacks and viruses are so prevalent, it’s easy to feel security fatigue. It can also seem overwhelming to stand vigilant for cyber threats at all times. Have you made the appropriate software updates? Do you adhere to […]

WirelessHART Security Update

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In recent weeks, there have been third party reports regarding security vulnerabilities of WirelessHART® systems. Emerson’s security experts have investigated and evaluated these claims. There are no known instances of successful security breaches in a customer setting to date and Emerson is doing everything possible to ensure that this remains the case. The vulnerabilities involved […]

Secure Out of the Box Myth-Part 2

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In Secure Out of the Box Myth-Part 1 we highlighted some of the challenges and misconceptions around effective cybersecurity efforts. Part 1 explored the myths that a system can be made secure without ongoing actions by the end user in collaboration with their suppliers. Here in Part 2, we’ll highlight some ways that this collaboration […]