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Maintaining Secure and Reliable Control System Performance

Posted in Support Services on Thursday, December 1st, 2016. No comments yet
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Control systems are the heart of manufacturing and production processes. Keeping them operating at peak efficiency while also keeping them secure requires time, energy and focus. Automation suppliers can play a large role in these efforts. News came out today of Guardian Support improvements and simplifications in how DeltaV distributed control system users can better […]

Learn How Guardian Support Will Improve Decision-Making and Optimize Performance

Posted in Event, Guardian, Support Services on Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016. No comments yet
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Author: Bob Cruz Guardian Support has long been known as the core element for Emerson’s Lifecycle Services for operations management, control and asset management systems. It is a subscription service designed to help improve process manufacturers and producers’ competitive advantage and bottom line business results through critical service and support information. Guardian Support equips you […]

Managing the DCS Asset Lifecycle

Posted in Modernization, Refining, Support Services on Tuesday, December 1st, 2015. One comment so far
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The AFPM [American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers] is: …a trade association representing high-tech American manufacturers of virtually the entire U.S. supply of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, other fuels and home heating oil, as well as the petrochemicals used as building blocks for thousands of vital products in daily life. At last month’s AFPM Q&A and […]

Looking for a Long-Term Relationship?

Posted in Support Services on Tuesday, November 11th, 2014. 2 comments so far
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Author: Jocelyn Sexton When Emerson Process Management begins a relationship with a customer, we often spend one to four years planning, designing, implementing and building a project. Lifecycle Services is what takes place for 20-30 years after that initial project is complete. That’s a big commitment toward forging a long-term relationship! But at Emerson, Lifecycle […]

Managing Automation System Components across Lifecycle

Posted in Guardian, Screencast, Support Services on Friday, March 4th, 2011. No comments yet
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Buddy Ilao provides another screencast update in showing ways to manage the software versions and hardware components within a process automation system across their respective lifecycles. He describes this Lifecycle Status for Guardian Support screencast: We’ll show the information available in the Guardian Support Lifecycle Status tile and Lifecycle Status page in a DeltaV system […]