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Control Valve and Control Performance at Instrumentation Symposium

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Instrumentation and automation professionals in the oil & gas industries along the Texas Gulf Coast have an excellent resource in the annual Instrumentation and Automation Symposium for the Process Industry. The 71st edition of this 3-day symposium will be held January 26-28 at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. If you’re going, make sure […]

Business Results Optimizing Delayed Coker Operations

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Update: Thank you to CHS’ Eric Wheatcroft and the Emerson Exchange Board for the OK to share this presentation with everyone. You’ll find much more to the story, such as all the controlled, manipulated, constraint and disturbance variables that were included in the model predictive controller. In an earlier post, Optimizing Delayed Coker Operations with […]

Process Control & Optimization Expertise in Action

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We had several great questions come in from Emerson Exchange 365 community members for the Experts session on Process Control and Optimization. You can see the answers in the Emerson Exchange 365 community in the Virtual Q&A: Process Control >> REPLY to THIS POST w/ QUESTIONS thread. I also recapped the experts’ presentations done at […]

Answers to Your Process Control and Optimization Questions from the Experts

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Friday is fast approaching, so submit your questions on process control and optimization to the panel of end user and Emerson experts. Visit the Emerson Exchange 365 community, Virtual Q&A: Process Control >> REPLY to THIS POST w/ QUESTIONS. I will be asking your question to the panel and posting the response. The Experts panelists […]

Your Opportunity to Ask those Tough Process Control Questions

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One of the great things social networks have opened up is the ability to you to view into events without being there. Where it’s an announcement of a new product from Apple or an event like our Emerson Exchange conferences, you can follow the action through various mediums including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. For […]