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Emerson Subject Matter Experts Getting Social

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It’s a light posting week with travel to our Minneapolis area offices. We had a great session with many of the measurement experts we feature here on the blog. Our objective is to get them more comfortably and effectively participating in our Emerson Exchange 365 community, LinkedIn, Twitter and this blog. The goal is to […]

Question and Answer with the International Society of Automation

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As many of you already know, a top organization in the world of automation is the International Society of Automation (ISA). It has grown out of a U.S. organization formerly known as the Instrument Society of America founded in 1945. For those who may not be familiar yet with ISA, their mission is: Enable our […]

Process Automation Professionals and Social Media

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Here’s a presentation I gave at the 2012 ARC World Industry Forum held earlier this year in Orlando, Florida. I make the case in this 11-minute YouTube video that Social Media is beneficial to process automation professionals and automation suppliers because it’s shrinking the time and distance between them.

Why Social Networks are So Important in Automation and Manufacturing

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I had the opportunity to do a guest post, Problem Solving Through Social Networks in Automation and Manufacturing, over at the Sabisu blog. Sabisu’s Co-founder and CEO/MD Tim Sharpe, shares his thoughts on the importance of social networks for automation professionals in today’s guest post. It’s 3am in the north of England at the world’s […]

Problem Solving Through Social Networks in Automation and Manufacturing Guest Post

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I had a chance to meet Sabisu’s Ben Widdowson, when we were on a social media panel at the ARC World Industry Forum earlier this year. The U.K.-based Sabisu team makes products that connect people with key information in the enterprise. Ben asked if I’d like to share some perspectives with their blog readers, which […]