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Controlling Liquid Pipeline Surge Pressure

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The RBN Energy blog is a must read for those in the oil & gas upstream, midstream and downstream industries as they analyze the trends and global dynamics impacting companies. Posts such as The Flows They Are A-Changin’ – Westward Natural Gas Flows Into Texas On The Rise describe the flow reversals in natural gas […]

Pipeline Leak Detection Best Practices

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A recent LinkedIn post, Leak Detection Market for Oil & Gas worth 2.71 Billion USD by 2020, at a CAGR of 7.1% highlights the purpose of these leak detection systems: …to assist the pipeline operators and monitors in detecting and localizing the leakage. This leak detection system can detect the leakage at all stages of […]

Improving Pump Continuous Monitoring

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Unless you are lucky enough to have a process that flows downhill, you likely have pumps moving liquids through the process. And if these liquids come in large volumes such as hydrocarbon movement and storage facilities, these pumps can be very large and dangerous should failures occur. In a World Pipelines article, Flow management starts […]

Wireless Gas Chromatograph Pipeline Composition Measurement

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The Emerson Exchange conference goes way back several decades to the Provox Users Group. The meeting was started by users who wanted to give direct input to the leadership team on fixes, improvements and enhancements. This user led history carries forward to today with a customer led Emerson Exchange board of directors. Their role is […]

Surge Relief for Oil and Gas Liquids Pipelines-Part 2

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Authors: Rossella Mimmi and Dave Seiler In part one of our series, Surge Relief for Oil and Gas Liquids Pipelines, we provided background on surge conditions in pipelines transporting liquids, their effects on pipelines and why these effects matter to pipeline operators. We’ll conclude this two-part series with a closer look at ways to prevent […]