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With a Little Help from Your Global Peer-to-Peer Community

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Social networks have made peer-to-peer knowledge sharing easier and more accessible than ever. Given the challenge of running process manufacturing and production facilities safely, reliably and efficiently, this ability to tap into others’ expertise is critical. A great example of where this knowledge sharing occurs is in the Emerson Exchange 365 community. For example, in […]

Control Valve and Control Performance at Instrumentation Symposium

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Instrumentation and automation professionals in the oil & gas industries along the Texas Gulf Coast have an excellent resource in the annual Instrumentation and Automation Symposium for the Process Industry. The 71st edition of this 3-day symposium will be held January 26-28 at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. If you’re going, make sure […]

Business Results Optimizing Delayed Coker Operations

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Update: Thank you to CHS’ Eric Wheatcroft and the Emerson Exchange Board for the OK to share this presentation with everyone. You’ll find much more to the story, such as all the controlled, manipulated, constraint and disturbance variables that were included in the model predictive controller. In an earlier post, Optimizing Delayed Coker Operations with […]

Problem Solving Community Style

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I’ve always seen the promise of participation in online communities and LinkedIn groups as a way for process automation and instrumentation folks to share knowledge, but leave it available for others with similar questions at a later time. While email is a problem-solving tool, it is limited to those in the distribution and not discoverable. […]

Differences in Model Predictive Control Applications

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One of the new things that we tried at last week’s Emerson Exchange conference in Denver was to have our Emerson Exchange 365 community members submit questions for a Meet the Experts session panel on process control and optimization. The thread, questions and answers are at Virtual Q&A: Process Control >> REPLY to THIS POST […]